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Cloud Technologies

Control AWS, GCP and Azure Cloud Spend and Increase Governance

With StellarTek solutions cloud optimisation service, you’ll gain – or regain – control over your cloud spend and environments. You’ll be able to improve governance and control, manage risk and increase the value you get from the cloud.

Our service combines insightful reporting on your AWS, GCP and Azure cloud environments with expert analysis and consultancy from StellarTek solutions specialists. We use an industry-leading cloud-based reporting service, receiving real-time data feeds from public cloud providers.

AWS Cloud

Amazon Cloud Search enables you to manage a search solution for your mobile application or website. Amazon S3 stores a big amount of data, and the AWS EC2 helps developers to quickly deploy and manage applications in the cloud. Multicloud Optimization services provide the resources to ensure high quality services are delivered between clouds and data centers. This enables you to connect to multiple cloud services providers with confidence.

Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is a key enabler to help clients scale AI and unlock the value of disparate and complex data. If you are looking to quickly modernize to cloud services, we can use Azure Databricks to transition you from proprietary and expensive systems to accelerate operational efficiencies and new business models. No matter where you are in your data and AI maturity, there is still time and opportunity to transform the value driven from your data leveraging the Azure Platform and Azure Databricks.

Enjoy unlimited scalability and flexibility with GCP

We'll get you up and running on Google Cloud so you can build more efficiently and cost-effectively. With no underlying infrastructure to manage or configure, your teams can focus more on innovation. Respond rapidly to change, automatically and seamlessly scaling your capacity up and down as needed – paying only for the resources you use. Hybrid and multi-cloud options give you added flexibility. Our experts accelerate transformation, arming you with the best practices and technical knowledge you need to meet your business objectives head on – no matter your challenge.