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Stellar Tek Solutions comes with a robust business solution to work with the core of IT and technical business development. Our business consultancy is customer-centric aiming to help the organization and individuals and provide with best solutions. We try to offer an efficient and profitable technical solution to help enterprises grow and get an edge to make a prominent position in the competitive world.

The main idea is to give a new shape to your business by offering suitable services. We try to implement the best of technical solutions for the ease of handling business. This makes the procedure an easy one and simplifies the overall operations and assist in accelerating growth acorss the organization. We try to offer an innovative solution to help our customers.

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  • DevOps
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Data Analytics
  • Workday
  • Java Full stack

Our highly-experienced DevOps teams comprise both development and operations personnel who work across the entire lifecycle of your business applications. The knowledge they hold in DevOps technology plays a crucial role in developing a smooth project-wide communication flow. This results in immediate identification and elimination of the bottlenecks in the process.


With StellarTek solutions cloud optimisation service, you’ll gain – or regain – control over your cloud spend and environments. You’ll be able to improve governance and control, manage risk and increase the value you get from the cloud.


The quality of information gathered from big data depends a lot on the data engineering capabilities that include managing the three main V’s - volume, velocity and variety. When you have an ample amount of data received at a fast pace in many types, it sets the base for proper and practical big data insights that can be put to use in your business processes.


Workday has changed the face of ERP especially in the Human Capital and Financial Management functions by transforming its outlook, through its latest digital facets. However, you need a clear vision, planning and nurturing for managing these digital application platforms for your future corporate performance and long-term growth.


StellarTek solutions is a top-class tag when it comes to Custom Java Application Development. Holding rich years of experience, we are producing excellent and extraordinary Java services. We deliver ground-setting and well-versed mobile and web software applications strengthened by Java technologies.



Product development done right, with breakthrough technologies and Agile processes.